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     Color is a valuable tool when used to symbolize magical intent during spell-work, especially in candle magic. You can use color correspondences to help choose your candles, altar decorations and more when planning spells or acts of worship.


     It's important to note that colors have deep symbolic meaning. Because of this color correspondences are very subjective, even more so than many other correspondences, it's more important in magical work that the symbols you are using. Colors have personal meaning for you, and it will effect what you do with them during spell-work and/or practice.


     Additionally, colors can symbolize vastly different things in different cultures. For example, some cultures consider white the color of mourning, while others associate it with weddings, and there are many brides-to-be who wouldn’t dream of marrying in anything but red.


     Clearly, it's important to look to your own cultural upbringing as well as your own experiences before taking correspondence table recommendations to heart, particularly with colors. If your gut tells you the color doesn’t make sense in your spell, you should not use it regardless of what any chart tells you.


     No one is 100% right and only you know what's right for you.

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  • Astrology: Cancer and Pisces

  • Chakra: God Head

  • Direct Association: Cleanliness, Flags, and Mother’s Day.

  • Element: Air, Fire, and Spirit.

  • Magical Association: Becoming more Outgoing, Connection to Higher Self, The Cycle of Life, Enlightenment, Freedom, Health, Initiation, Protection, Relieving Shyness, Safety, and Transformation.

  • Mental Association: Cool and Snow.

  • Objective Emotions: Clean, Frank, Pure, and Youthful.

  • Planet: Moon

  • Sabbat: Yule, Imbolc, and Beltane.

  • Signifies: Consecration,Divination, Exorcism, The Full Moon, Healing, Meditation, Peace, Purity, Spiritual Strength, and May be Substituted for Any Other Color.

  • Subjective Emotions: Brightness of Spirit, and Normality.


  • Astrology: Taurus and Libra.

  • Chakra: Astral

  • Direct Association: Healing, Innocence, and Energy.

  • Element: Spirit

  • Magical Association: Action, Buying, Calming, Compassion, and Relaxation, Emotions, Exercise, Gardening, Getting a Move on, Harmony, New Beginnings, Romance, Partnerships, Passion, Personal Harmony, Personal Success, Physical Energy, Self-Love, Selling & Adopting Animals, Sex, Surgery, and Woodworking.

  • Mental Association: Baby Girls, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

  • Objective Emotions: Forgiveness, Friendship, Goodness, Love, Peace, Romantic, Sleep, Sweetness, and Warm Family.

  • Planet: Venus

  • Sabbat: Beltane, Imbolc, and Ostara.

  • Signifies: Femininity, Friendship, Infants, Homosexuality, and Morality.

  • Subjective Emotions: Action, Passion and Power.


  • Astrology: Aries and Scorpio.

  • Chakra: Root

  • Direct Association: Christmas, Danger, Flags, Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

  • Element: Air, Fire, and Spirit.

  • Objective Emotions: Active, Exciting, Fervent, and Passionate.

  • ​Magical Association: Ambition, Blood, Business Deals, Buying & Selling, Combat, Confrontation, Courage, Desire, Energy, Fire, Health, Joy, Leadership, Mechanical Things, Motivation, Passion, Power, Renewal, Repairs, Self-Esteem, and Strength.

  • Mental Association: Fire, Heat, Hot, and Hunting.

  • Planet: Mars and Saturn.

  • Sabbat: Beltane, Imbolc, Litha, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule.

  • Signifies: Danger, Health, Lust, Strength, and Vigor.

  • Subjective Emotions: Fierceness, Intensity, Rage, and Rapacity.


  • Astrology: Capricorn and Virgo.

  • Chakra: Earth Chakra (Time Transcendence & Connection to Spirit)

  • Direct Association: Seriousness, Loyalty, Trustworthiness, and Sincerity.

  • Element: Earth and Spirit.

  • Magical Association: Animal Magic, Anything to do with Animals, Decision Making, Endurance, Finding Lost Things, Friendship, Fruitfulness, Focus, Generosity, Grounding, Harvest, The Health of Pets & Livestock, Improved Concentration, Nature Magic, New Beginnings, Security, Strengthening, Solidifying, and Sound Telepathy.

  • Mental Association: Animals, Basic, Dirt, and Earth.

  • Objective Emotions: Earth, Genuine, Nature, and New Life.

  • Planet: Earth

  • Sabbat: Imbolc and Mabon.

  • Signifies: Comfort, Earth, Endurance, Hearth, Home, Outdoors, Reliability, Simplicity, and Stability.

  • Subjective Emotions: Change, Death, and Energy Transformation.


  • Astrology: Leo

  • Chakra: Sacral

  • Direct Association: Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  • Element: Fire and Spirit.

  • Magical Association: Breaking Down Barriers, Feelings of Abandonment, Happiness, Increasing Opportunities, Kindness, Legal Matters, Material Gain, Mental Alertness, Relieving Depression, Sealing a Spell, and Strength.

  • Mental Association: Autumn, Metallic, and Warm.

  • Objective Emotions: Energetic, Forceful, Jovial, and Lively.

  • Planet: Mars, Mercury, and Sun.

  • Sabbat: Lammas, Litha, Mabon, and Samhain.

  • Signifies: Adaptability, Attraction, Dominance, Encouragement,Kindness, Plenty, and Stimulation.

  • Subjective Emotions: Exuberance, Harvest, Hilarity, and Indulgence.


  • Astrology: Leo

  • Chakra: Solar

  • Element: Fire and Spirit.

  • Direct Association: Abundance, Masculine Energy, and Warmth.

  • Magical Association: Inner Strength, Inspiration, Intuition Prosperity, Money, Power, Self-Realization, Understanding, and Wealth.

  • Mental Association: Christmas, The Sun, and Wealth.

  • Objective Emotions: Good Fortune, Masculinity, Prosperity, Quick Money, and Victory.

  • Planet: Sun​

  • Sabbat: Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule.

  • Signifies: Evokes the Feeling of Prestige, High Quality, Illumination, Wealth, and Wisdom.

  • Subjective Emotions: Higher Intuition, Honor, and Overcoming.


  • Astrology: Gemini

  • Chakra: Solar-Plexus

  • Direct Association: Caution

  • Element: Air, Earth, and Spirit.

  • Magical Association: Beauty, Friendship, Healing, Humility, Increase Creativity, Increase Productivity, Intellect, Inventiveness, Life, Remove Negative Thinking, Prosperity, and Self-Esteem.

  • Mental Association: Sunlight

  • Objective Emotions: Celestial, Cheerful, Inspiring, and Vital,

  • Sabbat: Imbolc, Lammas, Litha, Ostara, and Yule.

  • Planet: Mercury

  • Signifies: Charm, Comfort, Concentration, Confidence, Jealousy, Joy, Knowledge, Learning, and Persuasion.

  • Subjective Emotions: Health and High Spirit.


  • Astrology: Pisces            

  • Chakra: Heart

  • Direct Association: Clear and Saint Patrick’s Day.

  • Element: Earth, Fire, Spirit, and Water.

  • Magical Association: Affection, Alliances, Architects, Artistic Ability, Artists, Beauty, Career, Change, Chiropractors, Cosmetics, Cosmetologists, Courage, Courtship, Dancers, Dating, Decorating, Designers, Employment, Engineers, Entertainers, Faeries, Fashion, Fertility, Garden Magic, Gardeners, Gardening, General Healing, Gifts, Grace, Harmony, Herbal Magic, Hope, Household Improvements, Immortality, Income, Increasing Love and Trust, Luck, Luxury, Marriage, Models, Money, Music, New Beginnings, Painting, Partnerships, Peace, Planning Events, Poetry, Prosperity, Rebirth, Relationship Social Activity, Soul Mates, Success, Transformation, and Wellness.

  • Mental Association: Cool, Nature, and Water.

  • Objective Emotions: Growing, Peaceful, Refreshing, and Quieting. 

  • Planet: Mercury and Venus.

  • Sabbat: Beltane, Imbolc, Litha, Ostara, and Yule.

  • Signifies: Ambition, Charity, Fertility, Finances, Greed, Growth, Herbal Healing, Jealousy, Luck, Plant Kingdom, Rejuvenation, and Success.

  • Subjective Emotions: Disease, Guilt, Repulsiveness, and Terror.


  • Astrology: Aquarius, Pisces, and Virgo.

  • Chakra: Lungs, Neck, Throat, and Thyroid.

  • Direct Association: Flags and Service.

  • Element: Spirit and Water.

  • Magical Association: Broadcasting, Calming, Charity, Dealing with Foreign Cultures/Countries, Doctors, Elevation, Expansion, Fidelity, Forecasting, Growth, Guardians, Happiness, Higher Education, Horses, Increase Wealth, Insight, Introspection, Joy, Legal Matters, Long Distance Travel, Loyalty, Luck, Meditation, Merchants, The Ocean, Opportunity, Patience, Peace, Philosophy, Police Officers, Political Power, Psychologists, Publicity, Reading, Religion, Remove Confusion, Research, Self-Improvement, Social Standing, Sports, Studying, Truth, and Wisdom.

  • Mental Association: Cold, Ice, Sky, and Water.

  • Objective Emotions: Contemplative, Melancholy, Sober, and Subduing.

  • Planet: Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, and Venus.

  • Sabbat: Litha, Ostara, and Yule.

  • Signifies: Astral Projection, Devotion, Health, Honor, Loyalty, Patience, Peace, Protection During Sleep, Sincerity, Tranquility, Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom.

  • Subjective Emotions: Fearfulness, Gloom, and Secrecy.


  • Astrology: Sagittarius

  • Chakra: Third Eye and Crown.

  • Direct Association: Easter and Mourning.

  • Element: Spirit and Water.

  • Magical Association: Advertising, Ambition, Astrology, Clairvoyance, Communication, Contracts, Correspondences, Editing, Education, Forgiveness, Heal Wounded Pride, Hidden Forces, Humility, Increasing Psychic Powers, Intelligence, Justice, Kinship, Meditation, Merchants, Memory, Messages, The Occult, Relief of Emotional Hurt, Progress, Secret Dealings, Spiritual Protection, Spirituality, Students, Visiting Friends, Writing, and Wisdom.

  • Mental Association: Cool, Darkness, Mist, and Shadow.

  • Objective Emotions: Dignified, Mournful, Mystic, and Pompous.

  • Planet: Jupiter Mercury, and Saturn.

  • Sabbat: Lammas and Samhain.

  • Signifies: Amplification of Other Energies, High Ideals, Piety, Power, Sadness, Protective Energy Psychic Ability, Sanctity, Sentimentality, Spiritual Protection and Healing, Tension, and Wisdom.

  • Subjective Emotions: Desperation and Loneliness.


  • Astrology: Scorpio

  • Chakra: None

  • Direct Association: Mourning

  • Element: Earth, Spirit and Water.

  • Magical Association: Absorbing Energies, Beginning, Binding, Challenges, Creation, Criminals, Civil Servants, Death, Divination, Elders, Debts, Discoveries, Farming, Justice, Karma, Law, Manifestation, Material Gain, Matters, Neutralizing Forces, Opposites, Overcoming Obstacles, Patience, Plumbing, Protection, Real Estate Sacrifice, Rebirth, Separation, Stability, Tests, Truth, Understanding One’s Limits, The Union of Opposing Forces, Use in Combination with White to Represent Balance, and Wills.

  • Mental Association: Emptiness, Neutral, and Night.

  • Objective Emotions: Deadly, Depressing, Funeral, and Ominous.

  • Planet: Saturn

  • Sabbat: Samhain

  • Signifies: Banishing Evil or Negativity, Negation Without Reflecting, and Unlocking when Stuck.

  • Subjective Emotions: Death and Negation of Spirit.

Gray and Silver

  • Astrology: Cancer

  • Chakra: Galactic Center

  • Direct Association: Composure, Dignity, and Inner Calmness.

  • Element: Spirit and Water.

  • Magical Association: Astral Work, Divination, The Goddess, Moon Magic, Psychic Awareness, and Secrets.

  • Mental Association: The Flow of the Tides and The Moon.

  • Objective Emotions: Feminine Energy, Impartial, Mystery, and Neutral.

  • Planet: Moon

  • Sabbat: Beltane and Yule.

  • Signifies: Boring, Conservative, Intelligence, Maturity, Modesty, Old Age, Practical, Reliability, Sadness, Security, Solid, and Staid.

  • Subjective Emotions: Illumination, Respect, and Stability.


The Elements

      The Elements are a very important part of Wicca and Witchcraft. We invite them during rituals, we ask for their help in our magic, and we thank them for their contributions to our world. In order for us to work with them, we must learn to respect them. For they are the base of all living things on our planet, and should be treated as such.


  • Animals: Ants, Bears, Buffalo, Bulls, Cows, Deer, Dogs, Gophers, Horses, Snakes, Stags, and Wolves.

  • Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Olive, Tan, and Yellow.

  • Cycle of Life: Death and Rebirth

  • Deities: Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Ceres, Cernunnos, Demeter, Dionysus, Gaia, Mah, Mardyk, Nephtys, Pan, Persephone, Rhea, and Tammuz.

  • Direction: North

  • Energy: Receptive

  • Gender: Feminine​

  • Herbs: Comfrey, Grains, Ivy, Lichens, Oats, Patchouli, and Rice.

  • Incense: Honeysuckle and Jasmine.

  • Instruments: Drums and Percussion.

  • Magic Association: Binding, Crystal Work, Fertility, Finding Treasures, Gardening, Gravity is a manifestation of this element, Grounding, Jewel Divination, Knot Spells, Magnetic Magic, Money Spells, Runes, and Stability.

  • Metals: Iron and Lead.

  • On Pentacle: Lower Left

  • Planets: Earth and Moon.

  • Plants: Apples, Grass, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and Lilac.

  • Sabbats: Yule

  • Season: Winter

  • Spirits: Brownies, Dwarfs, Elves, Gnomes, Hobgoblins, Leprechauns, and Trolls.

  • Stones: Amethyst, Angelite, Azurite, Celestite, Agate (Green, Moss), Cat’s Eye, Coal, Emerald, Geodes, Halite/Salt, Jasper, Jet, Obsidian, Olivine, Onyx, Peridot, Quartz, and Tourmaline.

  • Symbols: Caves, Clay, Fields, Mountains, Rocks, Salt, Soil, and Trees.

  • Symbolize: Abundance, Birth and Death, Burying Objects in the Earth, Femininity, Growth, Herbalism, Making Images our of Wood or Stone, Materialism, Patience, Prosperity, Responsibility Security, Stability, Strength, Wealth, and Wisdom.

  • Trees: Cypress and Oak.

  • Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.


  • Animals: Doves, Foxes, Eagles, Ravens, Hawks, Spiders, and Turtles.

  • Colors: Crimson, White, and Yellow.

  • Cycle of Life: Infancy

  • Deities: Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Enlil, Kheoheva, Merawrim, Nuit, Shu, Thoth, and Urania.

  • Direction: East

  • Energy: Projective

  • Gender: Masculine

  • Herbs: Anise, Benzoin, Clove, Dill, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Pansy, Vervain, and Yarrow.

  • Incense: Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Myrrh, and Pine.

  • Instruments: Flute and Wind Instruments.

  • Magic Types: Concentration, Creativity, Divination, Dreams, Intelligence, Karma Work, Knowledge, Prophecy, Psychic Work, Telepathy, Travel, Visualization, Wind Magic, and Wisdom.

  • Metals: Copper, Silver, and Tin.

  • On Pentacle: Upper Left

  • Planets: Mercury and Uranus.

  • Plants: Lavender, Lemon Balm, Primrose, and Wildflowers.

  • Sabbat: Imbolc and Ostara.

  • Season: Spring

  • Spirits: Fairies of Trees Flowers and Wind, Sylphs, and Zephyrs.

  • Stones: Alexandrite, Amethyst, Moonstone, Pumice, Rhodochrosite, Topaz, and Turquoise.

  • Symbols: Breath, Breezes, Clouds, Feathers, Flowers, Herbs, Plants, Sky, Smoke, Trees, Vibrations, and Wind.

  • Symbolize: Ability to Know and Understand, Clarity, Communication, Finding Lost Things, Freedom, Ideas, Illumination, Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition, Knowledge, The Mind and Intelligence, New Beginnings, Revealing the Truth, and Wishes.

  • Trees: Acacia, Almond, Aspen, Birch, Beech, Hazel, Linden, Maple, and Pine.

  • Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.


  • Animals: Badgers, Bears, Bees, Cats, Coyotes, Crickets, Dragons, Foxes, Hawks, Horses, Ladybugs, Lions, Mantis, Phoenix's, Porcupines, Rabbits, Scorpions, Snakes, Squirrels, and Tigers.

  • Colors: Crimson, Green, Gold, Orange, Red, and White.

  • Cycle of Life: Youth

  • Deities: Agni, Brigit, Hestia, Horus, Lugh Mars, Pele, Prometheus, Ra, Vesta, and Vulcan.

  • Direction: South

  • Energy: Projective

  • Gender: Masculine

  • Herbal: Cinnamon, Garlic, Hibiscus, Nettles, Red/Chili Peppers, and Sunflower.

  • Incense: Cedar, Cinnamon, Clover, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Juniper, Myrrh, Sage, Sweetgrass, and Thyme.

  • Instruments: Guitar and String Instruments.

  • Magic Attributes: Concentration, Divination, Feather Magic, Karma Work, Prophecy, Visualization, and Wind Magic.

  • Metals: Brass, Gold, and Iron/Steel.

  • On Pentacle: Lower Right

  • Planets: Mars and Sun.

  • Plants: Beans, Coffee, Mustard, Nuts, Onions, and Seeds.

  • Sabbat: Beltane and Litha.

  • Season: Summer

  • Stones: Amber Calcite, Blood Stone, Blue Amber, Citrine, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Garnet, Gold Fluorite, Jasper, Lava, Pink Carnelian, Red Amber, Red Carnelian, Ruby, and Yellow.

  • Symbols: Clouds, Feathers, Flowers, Plants, Sky, Smoke, Trees, Vibrations, and Wind.

  • Spirits: Firedrakes, Genies, Jin, and Salamanders.

  • Symbolize: Change, Courage, Elusiveness, Energy, Faith and Trust, Innocence, Inspiration, Leadership, Life Force, Love, Passion, Physical and Personal Vulnerability, Protection, Relationships with Others and Self, Renewal, Self-Healing, Sexuality, Spirit, Strength, Stress, and Will.

  • Trees: Alder, Ash, Cashew, Cedar, Chestnut, Fig, Holly, Juniper, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Rowan, and Walnut.

  • Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.


  • Animals: Albatross, Cats, Crabs, Dolphins, Dragons, Fish, Frogs, Swans, Turtles, Water Snakes, and Whales.

  • Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Indigo, and Turquoise/Aqua.

  • Cycle of Life: Maturity

  • Deities: Aphrodite, Arianhrod, Dylan, Ea, Hecate, Inanna, Isis, Manannan, Marianne, Neptune, Osiris, Persephone, Poseidon, and Selena.

  • Direction: West

  • Energy: Receptive

  • Gender: Feminine

  • Herbs: Aloe, Catnip, Chamomile, Gardenia, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Rose, Thyme, and Water Lilies.

  • Incense: Camphor, Catnip, Chamomile, Cherry, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Lavender, Lotus, Mugwort, Myrrh, Raspberry, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Violet.

  • Instruments: Anything Resonant, Cymbals, Harmonica, Harp, and Lyre.

  • Magic Attributes: Cleansing, Eternal Movement, Healing, Love Magic, Lucid Dreaming, Magnet Work, Mirror Divination, Psychic Ability, Purification, and Wisdom.

  • Metals: Copper, Mercury, and Silver.

  • On Pentacle: Upper Right

  • Planets: Moon, Neptune, and Venus.

  • Plants: Apples, Bushes, Ferns, Gardenia, Lemon, Lettuce, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Mosses, Raspberry, Seaweeds, Valerian, and All Water Plants.

  • ​Sabbat: Lughnasadh and Mabon

  • Season: Autumn

  • Spirits: Fairies of Ponds Lakes or Streams, Harpies, Mermaids, Mermen, Nymphs, Salamander, Sirens, Tritons, and Undines.

  • Stones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Blue Tourmaline, Coral, Fluorite, and Pearl.

  • Symbolize: Absorption, Courage, Dreams, Emotional Aspects of Love and Femininity, Feelings, Fertility, Friendship, Happiness, Intuition, Marriage, Menstruation, Reflection, Self-Healing, Sleep, Sorrow, The Soul, Subconscious/Unconscious Mind, Vision Quests, and The Womb.

  • Symbols: Fog, Lakes, Oceans, Pools, Rain, Rivers, Springs, Waterfalls, and Wells.

  • Trees: Apple, Apricot, Birch, Cherry, Elder, Elm, Magnolia, and Willow.

  • Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio.


  • Animals: Doves, Mythical Creatures, Sphinx, and White Buffalos.

  • Colors: Black, Purple, Rainbow, Silver, and White.

  • Cycle of Life: Transcendence

  • Deities: Akasha, The Horned God, Isis, and The Lady.

  • Energy: Universal

  • Gender: Universal

  • Herbs: Coltsfoot, Frankincense, and Mastic.

  • Incense: Frankincense and Mastic.

  • Instruments: The Human Voice.

  • Magic Type: Enlightenment, Finding Your Life Path, Seeing and Spiritual Knowledge, and Understanding Karmic Paths of Life.

  • Metals: Meteoric

  • On Pentacle: Top Point

  • Planets: The Galaxy

  • Plants: Coltsfoot, Hemlock, Mistletoe, Nightshade, and Wolfsbane.

  • Sabbat: All Sabbats

  • Season: The Turning Wheel of the Year.

  • Spirits: The God and Goddess.

  • Stones: Diamond, Fossils, Petrified Wood, and Quartz.

  • Symbolize: Connection and Balance for All Elements to Exist, The Prime Element Present in All Things, Providing Space, It represents the Human Spirit and Energy of the Goddess and God.

  • Symbols: The Creator, The Cosmos, Godhead, Infinity, Infinity Sign, and Wheel.

  • Trees: Firs, The Flowering Almond Tree, and Yggdrasil.

  • Zodiac Signs: The Entire Zodiac

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