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     Unlike crystals, which tend to have a uniform chemical structure (although sometimes with inclusions of other minerals), rocks are an amalgamation of many minerals. All rocks have stabilizing and normalizing effects.


  • A Gray-Green to Black, fine-grained rock with bubbles or crystal cavities, which is ejected as lava from volcanoes.

  • A solid, grounding stone for steadiness and maintenance of energy levels.


  • A white, soft, porous rock often found with flint and fossils; it is formed from deposits of microscopic marine organisms.

  • Protects the aura from negativity and disruptive influences.


  • A granular and shiny igneous rock, composed of Quartz, feldspar, and mica.

  • Balances subtle bodies and speeds healing processes (especially red and pink varieties). Place pieces by the throat and feet and hold in each hand.


  • A pale compact rock of calcium carbonate formed from calcite-rich shells and corals deposited in ancient warm seas. It forms landscapes with cliffs, gorges, and cave systems.

  • Energizes the root and Sacral Chakras, stimulating creativity and sensitivity. Stabilizes the emotions and reduces tension and fear.

  • Works well when placed at the Sacral Chakra or the base of the skull.


  • Metamorphosed limestone veined and banded in many colors.

  • Very cooling and Calming.

  • Stabilizes the energies of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

  • Balances extremes of behavior.


  • Formed when and is cemented with silica or calcite.

Helps to maintain elasticity and flexibility or tissues like blood vessels and skin.

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