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Divination usually involves the use of an object or objects to gain answers to questions, or to see events, which are not perceptible to the average person. The use of interpretive tools can help the Divine relay guidance through your inner spirit or higher self. This is a widespread practice among Wiccans, Witches, and other Pagans. Divination takes many forms, and while some of the Craft will use several different techniques, most everyone has their own favorite method for seeking answers from the Divine.


Some of the favorite divination methods include the use of Tarot Cards, Pendulums or Runes. Crystal and/or Crystal Ball Gazing, Reading Tea Leaves, Gazing into a Pool or Bowl of Water or Candle Gazing are also popular. The list goes on and on. Any of these items can help you strengthen your intuition. Simply choose the one you are most comfortable using and practice, practice, practice. It may seem hard in the beginning, but do not give up. The more you use these tools, the easier it gets.


Think of your divination tools as exercise equipment for your intuition. If you want to strengthen your body, you might choose a treadmill, bicycle, or weights to help you achieve your goal. Some of this equipment can prove challenging when you first start to work with it, but the more you use it, the stronger your body will become. If you want to develop your intuition or spiritual self, divination tools can be a tremendous help.


Almost anything can be used as a divination tool, and over the centuries just about everything has been. You are simply using these items to strengthen your spirit or intuition. Do not overwhelm yourself. Start with tools you are comfortable with and try more complicated methods as you develop your abilities.


Sometimes divination is described as fortune-telling. If you think it is simply an attempt to find out about future events before they happen, think again! Its real value is that it can help you plan for and prevent outcomes. If you like the answers you receive, you can continue on your current path. If it warns you of trouble ahead, you can adjust your course of action, and thus change the outcome. In this way, divination can provide you with Divine guidance that allows you to make better choices and have a higher level of control over your future.


Divination is about communicating WITH the Divine and seeking Divine wisdom. It is like connecting with a wise old friend who can offer you Divine guidance on anything and everything you want to talk about. Your intuition or higher self will always guide you to options that are best for you.


If your intuition detects a negative sign, it does not mean something bad is destined to happen. Most often, this is a clue to a thought or action that is causing a roadblock on your path, or an issue that you need to deal with. Pay attention to what your intuition is telling you and use the information to make better choices in your life. Use your Divine intuition freely. This amazing blessing is available to all of us, and it is intended for daily use!

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