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     Runes are what you call the ancient alphabet used by the Germanic countries that are used by Pagans in magic and divination. The best way to work with them is to ask a specific question, whatever it may be and however it may apply to your current situation. Although you do not have to be of Norse ancestry to use and understand the rune scripts, you will have a far better sense of how to use them based on the meaning of their symbols. Having some knowledge of the mythology and history of the Germanic peoples goes a long way in incorporating rune stones into your magical workings.


     Magic Runes are used in divination and charms. They have been used since the ancient times for these purposes. You might not know where to start when it comes to knowing how to use magic runes. It does take a little getting used to seamlessly incorporate them in your magical workings. Magic runes comes in two forms: magic rune cards and rune stones.


     Rune stones have been used for centuries as a tool for divination. Today, they are still used in magic and divination by many Pagans. They fall into the same category such as the tarot. Each rune stone is inscribed with a symbol, and each symbol holds a special meaning. Each and every runic alphabet possesses a special kind of power and can be used to invoke deities who can help you in dealing with your problems. You may use your own interpretations for the symbols, based on your studies and beliefs, or you may take the more traditional approach, which is going by the traditional meaning of each. Whichever way you may go about using the rune stones, it is still best to at least have some idea of their meanings.


     Rune stone divination should not be used to predict the future. That is not its function. Look at it as a tool for guidance. It allows you to work with the subconscious and focus on the questions that have been bothering you and those which you just need the answers to.


     Before doing any reading, it is best to ask a Spirit, or whichever Deity you feel most comfortable working with, to guide you in your reading. When you are done with the reading session, do not forget to thank the Deity you asked guidance from.


     As with other tools of divination, always cleanse and charge your rune stones before and after each use!


     The Elder Futhark, used for writing Proto-Norse, consists of twenty-four runes that often are arranged in three groups of eight; each group is referred to as an Ætt. The earliest known sequential listing of the full set of twenty-four runes dates to approximately AD 400 and is found on the Kylver Stone in Gotland, Sweden.


     Most probably each rune had a name, chosen to represent the sound of the rune itself. The names are, however, not directly attested for the Elder Futhark themselves. Reconstructed names in Proto-Germanic have been produced, based on the names given for the runes in the later alphabets attested in the rune poems and the linked names of the letters of the Gothic alphabet.



  • Abundance, Happiness, Inheritance of Self and Self Value, Material Gain, Earned Income, Success, and Wealth.

  • Reversed: Abandonment of Plans, Disappointment, Frustration and Loss.

Fehu is a rune of power and control. It represents new beginnings and “movable” wealth such as money and credit. It is a rune that gives us the power we need to obtain wealth as well as the power we need to hold on to it.

Aurochs (Wild Ox)


  • Changes, A Forceful Masculine Archetype Health, Home Love on all Sides, and Strength.

  • Reversed: Lack of Motivation, Missed Abilities, and Weak Will Power.

Uruz is also a rune of power, but unlike Fehu, it’s a power that we can neither own nor control. In a casting it can mean that personal success is near. For charms and talismans use Uruz for its healing powers.



  • Luck Reflection for Action, Opening the Door or Gate to See the Future, Protection, and You will See the Truth.

  • Reversed: Having a Stubborn Mind-set and Not willing to Heed Information Given.

​This rune represents the ability we have to resist unwanted conflicts in a passive manner. It is a rune of protection and can tell us of a possible change that would have otherwise come without warning. You can use the protection aspect of Thurisaz as a defense against adversaries.​

Aesir God


  • Advice from Others, Chance Encounter, Careful thought so you will know what to do from this point in time, and Message from Within (listen to your 'little voice').

  • Reversed: The Dark side of Yourself when others Interfering with your plans, There is Failed Communication, and Watch out for Trickery.

Ansuz is a rune that symbolizes stability and shows us order. It is also a rune that indicates intellectual activities and directly represents the divine breath of all life and creation.​



  • You're about to Embark on a Journey - either in the Physical World or a Journey of your Soul to heal something that needs healing.

  • Reversed: Communication, Transit Problems,  Unexpected, Unpleasant Journey, Upsetting Plans, and Lost Tickets.

This rune allows us to focus our energy so that we may obtain our goals. However to do so effectively we must be “in the right place at the right time.”



  • From the Darkness - Light will come, To Help you Open to who you are and your Highest Possibilities, and When you feel in the Dark - This rune will bring an Opening.

  • Reversed: Anxiety, Closing, Loss, and Withdrawal.

Kenaz is a rune of knowledge, understanding, learning and teaching. It allows us to view situations with more clarity than we normally would.​



  • Unity with self and all others - especially with our higher selves, nature and all things around us.

  • Cannot be reversed.

Gebo represents the honor and connection that is created between people when they exchange gifts. The connection and honor is similar to the connection and honor that a person has with the gods for giving them life.​



  • Happy Results, Harmony, Joy, Peace, Pleasure, Prosperity, Self-Worth, Serenity, and You don't Need anybody.

  • Reversed: Delay, Disappointment, Dissatisfaction, Friction, Possession by Higher Forces, and Sorrow.

This rune shows us the balance between all things even when in a chaotic world. It is also a rune of fellowship, common goals and well being to all things. If you come across this rune in a reading you can expect good news to come your way.​



  • This Refers to the Destructive Forces of Nature, and Things that are Out of Our Control.

  • Cannot be reversed.

Representing a hailstone we can expect time and situations to be constricting if Hagalaz turns up in a reading. But much like a hailstone will eventually turn to water, which flows smoothly, these situations and times will eventually flow smoothly for us.



  • Caution, Coming in touch with a side of you that you may not like, Constraint or Restraint, Delay, Distress, Hold, Reflect on how bad things can and Appreciate what you have, and Resistance.

  • Reversed: Improper Course of Action, Don't make Hasty Judgments, and Think Twice before Acting.

​This rune represents how our need or want of something can put a restriction on us. It restricts our possibilities but also contains the power we need to break free from those restrictions.​



  • Calm, Frozen in Time, Everything on Hold, Letting go of ego and Seeking your Inner Truths, Non-Action, and You are Blocked by your Emotions.

  • Cannot be reversed.

Like an icicle formed at the start of winter, with this rune we can only wait until the warmth of the sun allows us to be free from a constricting form. Isa represents a halt in activity until a change is made.



  • Fruition, Gain, Harvest the seeds you have planted, Reaping of a Reward when your world seems stagnant, and Things happening in their own time and space when they are supposed to!

  • Cannot be reversed.

Jera is a rune that represents the cycle of life. With this rune we see that we must go with the flow of nature to obtain the goals we want.

Yew Tree


  • Decided what is the right way to get the things accomplished in your life, Doing the Right Things, Endurance, Patience, Perseverance, and Stability.

  • Cannot be reversed.

Eihwaz is a rune that can be used as a magical protector and facilitator. It shows us that in the event of an ending situation we find the start of a new situation.

Dice Cup (Fate, Chance, Mystery, Secret)


Perdhro reminds us of the uncertainties in life and represents freewill and the connection of the restrictions we have due to our circumstances. It is viewed as a rune of memory and problem solving.


Perth stands for the heart of Initiation - Nothing external matters here, except as it shows you in its inner reflection. This rune is concerned with the deepest stratum of our being, the bedrock on which our destiny is founded. For some Perth means experiencing some form of death - or transition. It is a letting go of everything, no exceptions, no exclusions. Nothing less than renewal of the Spirit is at stake.



  • Fortunate new Influence, Making the connection with spirit and working through your issues, Protection, Spirit Guides.

  • Cannot be reversed.

This is a rune of great restraint power, defense and protection. Use this rune in charms and talismans to protect yourself as well as your property.

The Sun


  • The Circle is Completion - The Path to Awareness, Self Knowledge, The Sun, and Wholeness. See you 'Dark Side' - That which makes you Destructive to Yourself and Others. Seek change to heal and be complete with yourself.

  • Cannot be reversed.

With the help of this rune we tend to be able to see things more clearly. Like the sun sheds light on dark times, with Sowulo we too can find the light during dark times.



  • Finding the Spiritual or Transcendental Self, To be Successful in Competition, and Very Motivated.

  • Reversed: Lack of Enthusiasm and Low Energy.

Teiwaz can promise us success in our actions but this time without personal sacrifice. It also means success in “legal” matters but only if we were in the right to begin with.​

Birch Tree


  • Be Prepared, Cautious in what you do, and References your Family and Home.

  • Reversed: An Unfortunate Domestic Situation - So Use Caution.

Like the birch tree coming to life from a seed planted in the earth, Berkana represents a new beginning and is also a powerful birth rune.​



  • The Balance of things in the Universe, Move Forward Carefully Focusing on the tools that will help you get there, and Stability.

  • Reversed: Sudden Unexpected Change that is Not Wanted.

Ehwaz reminds us that in order for success there must be a natural flow in the task at hand. With this rune to give us power as well as it making use of our good intentions we can surely achieve such success.

Man (as in Human, No Gender)


  • The self and its place in the collective conscience of humanity. We are all part of the collective unconscious - we are all One. Your attitude towards and their attitudes towards you. Take this time for personal reflection.

  • Cannot be reversed.

Mannaz has many powers. First it is a rune that lets us know we can achieve our fullest potential. Secondly it reminds us that we, as humans, all have shared experiences in life. Lastly we can use the power of this rune to gain the upper hand in disputes and arguments.

Water (Lake)


  • All Bodies of Water, Aquarius, Feminine Energies, The Flow of Emotions and all things into the collective unconscious, Healing and Health, Higher Mind, The Moon, Spirituality, and A Time of Cleansing.

  • Reversed: Not Listening to Your Inner Voice, Tackling something you know you should not do - or are not capable of doing.

Laguz represents the power of water and its easy flowing nature. We must learn to “go with the flow” when this rune shows up in a reading so that we can take full advantage of our powers.​

Fertility (The God Ingwaz)


  • Fertility of the Joining of Human Beings, Usually for a New Life - A Pregnancy. Finish what you are doing, Tie up lose ends and start something new.

  • Cannot be reversed.

This rune allows us to spread our energy out far and wide. It is a protective rune mainly for the protection of our homes. To use Inguz effectively we must learn to build up our powers over time and then release the power all at once.



  • Breaking through your New Ideas. Light is Around You. A New Day Begins and go to Work. You become more Insightful,

  • Cannot be reversed.

Dagaz represents a stability between opposites, such as light and dark. It can stop harmful energy from getting to you but at the same time allow the good energy to slip through so that you can make good use of it.

Home (or Ancestral Land)


  • Freedom and Independence through releasing ideas and things that keep you 'stuck'. You will feel 'Free'. You will Inherit from Someone.

  • Reversed: Not Letting go of Outmoded Ideas and Concepts. You will feel 'Stuck'.

Much like Fehu this is a rune of wealth. But unlike Fehu, Othala represents a wealth that cannot be sold. This is wealth like family, friendships or our culture and heritage that is passed down to us. It represents an enclosure and maintains the existing state of things as they presently are.​

Sometimes called "Odin's Rune"

Wyrd: The Blank Rune

The Blank Rune is silence, the zero, the void of infinite possibility. Anything is possible and can happen. The sum total of who you are, what you have done, and what you have become. Choose a direction and go for it. It shows that as humanity we must grown - the possibilities are beyond what is conceived by the original Runes. Some people include the Blank Rune in a reading - while others leave it out! The Universe has limitless possibilities, if you get this Rune - and you believe in yourself - you can manifest anything.

Witches Runes.JPG

Witches Runes

     Witches runes are fairly new compared to the ancient Norse Runic Alphabet known as the Elder Futhark or the Ancient Ogham Alphabet. Nobody really knows where the witch’s runes come from but they probably have modern origins. I have scoured the internet looking for any information on these runes, and most people have the same premise on what they are and what they represent.


     From what I've gathered, you will find that there are two different sets of Witch’s Runes: one has 8 symbols, and the other has 13. I personally lean towards the 13 set because of the history behind the number and great significance to said number.

     In witchcraft, that number has a lot of meaning: There are 13 witches in a coven, 13 full moon in a year, the Wheel of the Year has four parts of 13 weeks, and traditionally, hereditary witches were initiated at 13 years old. So, if you are a witch, the set of 13 Witch’s Runes is obviously the best choice.

The Sun

  • Element: Fire

  • Gender: Masculine

  • Meaning: Beginnings, Ego, Fertility, The God, Good News, Health, Joy, Nourishment, Prosperity, Public Image, Self-Esteem, Solar Magic, and Warmth.

  • Sabbat: Litha

​The sun means different things to different people; however, the fact that it sustains the planet also means it sustains our lives and brings an abundance of good things. This rune has a very positive energy. The sun represents new beginnings, vitality and optimism. 

The Moon

  • Element: Water

  • Gender: Feminine

  • Meaning: Dreams, Emotions, Femininity, The Goddess, Healing, Illusion, Introspection, Intuition, Love, Lunar Cycle, Psychic Abilities, Shadow Work, Spirituality, and Subconscious.

  • Sabbat: Yule

​The Moon witch rune pops up in a reading to prompt us to look deeper below the surface. It asks us to use our intuition, look into our dreams, and connect with our emotional side. The moon has a more introspective energy. 


  • Element: Air

  • Gender: Masculine

  • Meaning: Fame, Going Forward, Information, Media, Movement, News, To Flee, and Travel.

  • Sabbat: Imbolc

Flight represents movement, travels and quick changes. It also refers to communication, networking, information, word to mouth and social media. Birds are sacred animals and messengers to the heavens and to the gods.


  • Element: Aether

  • Gender: Neutral

  • Meaning: Alchemy, Alliance, Bonding, Collectivity, Life Cycles, Marriage, Partnership, Sharing, Teams, Teamwork, and The Universe.

  • Sabbat: The Wheel of the Year

This rune tells us that everything in the world is connected. Rings represents being one with the Universe, the dance of the seasons and the never-ending cycles of birth, death and rebirth.


  • Element: Fire

  • Gender: Masculine

  • Meaning: Balance, Boundaries, Emotions, Friendship, Harmony, Love, Protection, Relationships, Sexuality, and The Triple Goddess.

  • Sabbat: Beltane

Some people read this witches rune as a flower. Romance is about emotions and relationships. It represents harmony, love of all kinds and balance. In relationship readings, seeing this rune is good news. It means that you are in a healthy couple that will last. 


  • Element: Earth

  • Gender: Feminine

  • Meaning: Birthing, Channeling, Compassion, Creativity, Female Femininity, Healing, Mother, Motherhood, Nurturing, Passivity, Sexuality, Womb and Vagina, and Yoni.

  • Sabbats: Beltane

The Woman evokes the shape of a womb. It represents traditional female abilities and characteristics. This rune is about the feminine polarity of the world: BEING instead of doing. It is the passive state that allows us to heal and grow. 


  • Element: Fire

  • Gender: Masculine

  • Meaning: Action, Aggression, Arrow, Courage, Fertility, Goals, Justice, Leadership, Male, Male Sexuality, Phallus, Protection, Self-Reliance, Strength, Virility, Warrior, and Willpower.

  • Sabbat:

The Man has a phallic shape and represents traditional male abilities and characteristics. It is about the masculine polarity of the world: ACTION. The Man is associated with fatherhood, courage, willpower and strength. Seeing this rune in a reading means that it’s time to take action.


  • Element: Earth

  • Gender: Feminine

  • Meaning: Abundance, Achievement, End of a Cycle, Family, Finances, Fulfillment, Gratitude, Learning, Manifesting, Reaping, Rewards, Sacrifices, Security, Success, and Wealth. 

  • Sabbat: Lughnasadh

Harvest represent reaping the fruits of your labor, prosperity and good luck. Seeing this rune in a reading means that you will finally receive what you seek. It also represents the sacrifices that you need to make to achieve what you want. Keep in mind that the harvest is the end of a cycle: harvesting also means getting rid of the old.


  • Element: Air

  • Gender: Masculine

  • Meaning: Between, Blocked Paths, Choices, Decisions, Free Will,  Gateways, Leap of Faith, Opportunities, The Space, Spirits, Transitions, and Wheel of Fortune.

  • Sabbat:

The crossroads as a symbol and as an actual place are powerful. When we reach a crossroads in our lives, we have to make a decision. The Crossroads represent free will and transitions. If this rune appears in a reading, it means that you are about to make big choices. Remember that there are many ways to reach the same destination: the shortest path isn’t always the best one.


  • Element: Water

  • Gender: Feminine

  • Meaning: Being in the Moment, Emotions, Healing, Land of the Dead, Letting Go, Purification, Release, Ocean, Surrendering, Trust, and Water.

  • Sabbat: Litha

The Waves tells us to let go, to surrender to the flow of things. If you draw this rune, stop fighting. Stop trying to control everything in your life. Leave all your troubles into the hands of the Universe. 


  • Element: Air

  • Gender: Feminine

  • Keyword: Aspirations, Astrology, Blessings, Fulfillment, Gifts, Granted, Guidance, Hopes, Joy, Life Purpose, A Light in the Darkness, Other Worlds, A Place of Rest, and Wishes.

  • Sabbat: Ostara

​The star is a green light, a confirmation that you are in alignment to your life purpose. To learn more about it, look at the runes closest to this one. The star also represents hope, joy and the fulfillment of your greatest wishes.


  • Element: Air

  • Gender: Feminine

  • Keywords: Break Up, Crafting, Clearing, Death, Disaster, End of an Era, Ends, Manipulation, The Reaping, Releasing, Tools, Unexpected Results, and Warning.

  • Sabbat: Mabon

The Scythe represents sudden changes and endings. Seeing this rune in a reading means that you need to walk away from something or someone. It warns you that a danger is near: an illness, an injury or a conflict is coming. From another perspective, the scythe is also a tool: it is associated with learning, craftsmanship and knowledge.


  • Element: Aether

  • Gender: Neutral

  • Keywords: Awakening, Clairvoyance, Initiation, Judgement, Revealing the Truth, Trials, Rites of passage, Medium-ship, Protection, Seeing the Truth, Someone’s Watching, Spirit Guides, The Evil Eye, and Third Eye. 

  • Sabbat: Samhain

​The Eye evokes the lifting of the veil: in other words, spiritual awakening and initiation. It is also about revealing the truth and seeing in all its forms. In a reading, the rune facing the eye is the most important one, that you should focus on.

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