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  • Color: Bronze, Brown, Gold, Red, Silver, and Yellow.

  • Luster: Metallic

  • Hardness: 3 - 4

  • System: Isometric

  • Origins: Artificial

  • Healing: Has metaphysical healing properties to boost the immune system and to give courage, 'bold as brass'.

  • Magical Attributes: Healing, Love, Money, and Protection.


     Brass has long been used as a magical substitute for gold. While it doesn’t possess all of gold’s attributes, brass is used in money attracting rituals. Bass has also been used in ritual healing. Wearing a brass ring, for example, is said to halt stomach cramps. A brass key placed in the nape of the neck or dropped down the back is an old spell to stop nosebleeds. This yellowish-gold metal is also protective. Brass jewelry is worn to guard the person. It is used in defensive magic to send negativity back to its sender. Empowered brass objects are placed in the home for protective purposes.


  • Color: Brownish-Gold

  • Luster: Metallic

  • Hardness: 3 - 4

  • System: Cubic

  • Origins: Artificial

  • Healing: None

  • Magical Attributes: Auditory Magic, Communication, Music, Opening Doors, Protection from Wear-and-Tear, and Resilience.

     An alloy made from the combining of approximately 85% copper and 15% tin. This alloy has many superior qualities compared to both individual metals, and this has made it a first choice metal for a great many people from artists to cooks to metallurgists throughout the ages. Stronger than both tin and copper, and with a higher melting temperature and toughness rating than either, this metal is associated strongly with grand endeavors, imaginative or ambitious projects, and with collaborative enterprises. Bronze would be an excellent component of any spell intended to enhance your performance at your job, in seeking employment, or in advancing your own social or career goals.


  • Color: Orange and Orange-Red.

  • Luster: Metallic

  • Hardness: 2.5 - 3

  • System: Cubic

  • Origins: Global

  • Healing: Releases tension and frustration.

  • Magical Attributes: Elevates and helps to Integrate Difficult Astrological and Cosmic Influences, Healing, Helps Situations to reach a Positive Outcome,  Love, and Promotes Emotional Harmony.

     Copper was sacred to Venus, Roman Goddess of Love and Creativity, who was born on the island, Cyprus, that gives the metal its name. Metaphysically Copper is known to stimulate the flow of energy and enhance psychic abilities. Known as an energy conductor copper can move energy, amplify thoughts, assist in channeling and communicating with higher dimensional beings. Copper has the ability to ground and transfer a wide array of vibrational frequencies from the spiritual to the physical. Copper is known to support healing by keeping the pathways for healing open. The many benefits to wearing copper make it a wonderful alternative to sterling silver.


  • Color: Champagne, Dark-Yellow, Gold, and Yellow.

  • Luster: Metallic

  • Hardness: 2.5 - 3

  • System: Cubic

  • Origins: Global, but Rare.

  • Healing: Balances Energy Fields, Beneficial for Opening and Balancing the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, and Can also Balance the Heart Chakra.

  • Magical Attributes: Money, Power, Protection, Success, Vitality, Wealth, and Wisdom.

     Gold is the metal most commonly associated with the sun, and people have given it attributes of everything from personal growth and accomplishment to financial success and power. It appears in nearly every culture, and almost always is a symbol of wealth and status.


  • Color: Dull-Gray, Gray, Light-Gray, and Silver.

  • Luster: Metallic

  • Hardness: 4 - 5

  • System: Cubic

  • Origins: Global

  • Healing: Confidence, Considered to be the most ‘human’ metal and so, is distrusted by the ethereal entities and spirits, Courage, Lust, Resilience, Stamina, and Strength.

  • Magical Attributes: Defensive Magic to Deflect Negativity, Health, Power, Protection, Repels Malevolent Spirits, and Vitality.

     The most magical metal is Iron because it is never found in it's pure state except when it falls to Earth as a meteor (meteorite).  It is called the Metal of Heaven and is perceived as a gift from Sacred Powers. Malevolent Spirits are frightened of Iron, it repels them and chases them away.   Iron is the metal of truth, in Africa people would swear on iron the way that others swear on the bible. Iron is linked with menstrual blood which has the reputation of being THE MOST magical substance.  Menstrual blood and Iron are magically linked.  While other stones may be called the "Bones of the Earth" Iron is regarded as the Earth's Menstrual Blood.


  • Color: Black, Gray-Green, and Light-Gray.

  • Luster: Dull and Metallic.

  • Hardness: Vitreous

  • System: Variable

  • Origins: Antarctica, Arabian Peninsula, Australia, Northwest Africa, The Sahara, Space, and United States .

  • Healing: Activates Creative Mental Skills, such as Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. Boosts our Strength and Resilience. Broadens Perception.

  • Magical Attributes: Chakra Activation and Alignment, Extraterrestrial Communications, Forged into Magical Jewelry and Weapons, Inner Visions and Spiritual Awakening, and New Levels of Awareness.

     Meteorites are rocks and metals that have landed on Earth, most are asteroid fragments, and a few are from the Moon and Mars. They are gifts from another world, the sacred stones from the heavens. When meditating with a Meteorite, visions and information may come to you that are alien or otherworldly. Use Meteorite to connect to the Universe. There are two groups of Meteorites; melted and un-melted. Un-melted Meteorites are made up primarily of stone, melted Meteorites are made up of iron, stone & iron, or stone. Metal-based Meteorites made of a combination of nickel & iron are similar material to Earth’s core. They assist inner stillness, patience and persistence with spiritual growth and soul purpose on Earth.


  • Color: Silver-White that Tarnishes to Grey-Black.

  • Luster: Metallic

  • Hardness: 2.5 - 3

  • System: Cubic

  • Origins: Australia, Canada, Mexico, Poland, and South America.

  • Healing: Used to Purify Water and in the Prevention of Festering of Wounds.

  • Magical Attributes: Dreams, Fertility, Invocation, Love, Money, Peace, Protection, Psychic Abilities, and Travel.

     Silver appears in a number of magical traditions, and often is considered a neutral metal. It’s typically associated with moon magic, and all that comes along with it, such as intuition, wisdom, and psychic sensitivity. If you’re trying to develop your psychic skills, consider a bit of silver jewelry to enhance your efforts. Silver is typically connected to the sixth chakra, and can be used to help open up your third eye. In other magical systems, silver is considered a reflective sort of metal, not just physically but on a metaphysical level. It is said that silver can reflect negative energy and help prevent psychic attack. While Gold is known as a symbol of power and dominance, silver is typically seen as representative of truth and trust. If you give someone a gift of silver jewelry, it’s a valuable thing indeed, far above the monetary aspects.


  • Color: Brass Tinted and Light-Gray.

  • Luster: Metallic

  • Hardness: 1.5 – 1.8

  • System: Cubic

  • Origins: Bolivia, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Peru, and Thailand.

  • Healing: Regeneration and Rejuvenation.

  • Magical Attributes: Business Success, Divination, Divination and to Attract Prosperity, Expanding Horizons, Luck, and Wealth.

     Tin is often associated with sexuality and the Sacral Chakra, so it can be used in rituals to attract the things you desire most. Success and prosperity, abundance, and healing energy–particularly rejuvenation and regeneration–are often tied to tin, which, on a physical level, acts as a bactericide. In some belief systems, lightning is associated with tin. Lightning bolts are a symbol of the god Jupiter, so items charged during a lightning storm can be potent magical tools indeed.

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