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Artificial Quartz

     Nowadays virtually all crystals have their artificial counterparts. Even for jewelers it is becoming exceedingly difficult to distinguish one from the other. Artificial Quartz has a particularly long history, having been first created synthetically in 1845. However, it was not until the 1970’s that technology allowed the creation of large enough amounts to make it commercially viable. Solutions of sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide are subjected to high temperature and pressed. The solution is carried across seed crystals, which then grow. Although natural quartz has stronger energy, and so is normally better to use in healing, Synthetic Quartz still has an internal lattice structure, which some believe can bring healing benefits. In contrast glass, although it has the same chemical formula as Quartz (SiO2), has no internal crystal, (such as Austrian Crystals) therefor are of little use in healing. Laboratory—created Quartz crystals are often vivid and eye-catching. The colors of the stone dictates the chakra with which it will correspond.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Siberian Gold Quartz

  • Balances Polarities

  • Confers Inner Wisdom

Heart Chakra

Siberian Green Quartz

  • Balances and Calms

Brow Chakra

Siberian Blue Quartz

  • Builds Intuition, Perception, and Psychic Skills.

Crown Chakra

Siberian Purple Quartz

  • Transforms Energy

  • Releases Energy Blocks

Crown Chakra

Pink Lazurine

  • Changes Negative to Positive

  • Helps to Address “Self” issues, such as low levels of Self-Love and Self-Tolerance.


     Although man-made, the properties of Cobalt are so positive that even an unnatural combination produces a useful healing stone. Molecules of pure Cobalt are bonded to the Quartz by the natural electric charge of the crystal, producing brilliant hues of royal blue, violet, and gold. Cannot be scraped off. These incredibly beautiful crystals combine the qualities of Cobalt and Quartz while allowing for greater direction to be given to the energy of the Cobalt via the ability of quartz to be programmed. This is one of the properties of Quartz crystals that sets them apart for healing. The properties of Cobalt make it a specific for creativity, both removing blockages to the creative impulse and enhancing creative powers in the many fields they are needed. It is said to lift the emotions and instill a sense of wonder in the creation we are surrounded by, but so often fail to appreciate. Used in chakra healing it is a powerful third-eye stimulator, promoting not only clairvoyance and all forms of intuition, but it also encourages a deeper comprehension of the things we meditate on. This property makes it an extremely useful healing stone.

Enhanced Quartz

     As well as completely synthetic Quartz, there is also Enhanced Quartz – Natural Quartz that has been treated in some way to alter its appearance and healing properties. One of the most common procedures is metal-coating, in which Clear Quartz are placed in a pressurized vacuum chamber at extremely high temperatures and exposed to vaporized metal. This creates a permanent layer a few atoms thick on the surface. Quartz can also be dyed striking colors.

Aqua Aura

  • Clear Quartz infused with Gold vapor to create a rich, iridescent blue surface.

  • Harnesses the power of Gold and Quartz working together.

  • Stimulates the finer levels of thought and communication.

Cracked (or Star-Burst) Quartz

  • Clear Quartz stressed by heating and cooling, then dyed in a range of colors that are absorbed into the fractures thus formed, giving a very sparkly appearance.

  • Affects the Chakra that corresponds to its color.

Rainbow Aura

  • Clear Quartz treated with vaporized Platinum, creating a rainbow-like opalescence; also known as Opal Aura, Pearl Aura, and Angel Aura.

  • Helps to clear the mind for meditation and for fine levels of communication.

  • Linked to the Crown Chakra, so well energize all subtle systems.

Ruby Aura

  • Clear Quartz bonded with vaporized Gold and Platinum to create a rich red hue.

  • Grounds and Protects

  • Linked to the root Chakra, so helps the Back, Spine, Hips, Legs, and Feet.

Sunshine Aura

  • Clear Quartz treated with Platinum and Gold, giving a bright yellow color.

  • Linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, enhancing Digestion and Emotional Stability.

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