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Crystals Metals
& Rocks

     I use my crystals and fossils for meditation and help with my teas sometimes. My collection is small, but they each help me in my daily life for whenever I need them. My favorite is my fossil Squidy, the 64 million year old squid. He keeps me calm and helps me focus on tasks and meditation.

I charge all my crystals and fossils with a variety of methods:

  1. Fire Energy

  2. Sacred Water in my mini Waterfall

  3. Moon Light

  4. My own Energy and Magic

     I do, however have issues with a select few Crystals. Mainly those you can buy commercially at big chain stores. My theory on that is the corporate energy doesn’t work with me in any way shape or form. I don’t get this “Corporate Greed/Trendy Feeling” from the local shops, so I’m much more comfortable purchasing my crystals, fossils, and other witchy and pagany needs from small shops owned my local pagan/witches in my community. But, if they work well for you, that’s totally fine. No one should ever be judged on what they use and where they get it from…except conflict gems…you know better…

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