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Rosalee de la Forêt

Alchemy of Herbs

Amy Blackthorn

Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic

Edain McCoy

Celtic Myth & Magick

Readers Digest

The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs

Jennie Harding


Scott Cunningham

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Judika Illes

Encyclopedia of Spirits

Simon and Sue Lilly

The Essential Guide to Crystals

Lesley Bremness

The Essential Guide to Herbs

Teresa Moorey

The Fairy Bible

Rebecca L. Johnson, Tieraona Low Dog, Steven Foster, David Kiefer, and Andrew Weil

Guide to Medicinal Herbs: The World's Most Effective Healing Plants

John Lust

The Herb Book

Publications International

Herbs: How to Grow, Use, and Enjoy Herbs from Your Own Garden

Adele G. Dawson

Herbs: Partners in Life

Patricia Telesco

A Kitchen Witches Cookbook

Rosemary Gladstar

Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide

Cerridwen Greenleaf

The Modern Wiccan's Guide to Living

Ronald Bonewitz

Rocks and Gems

Judy Ann Nock

The Modern Witchcraft  Guide to Magickal Herbs

Paul Rhys Mountfort

Nordic Runes



Meghan Telpner

Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Anthony and the Cats of Alchemy Works

Alchemy Works

Mr. Amit Saini and Mr. Abhishek Dhawan

Ask Ganesha

Mrs. M. Grieve

Herne, Kardia, and Epona

Celtic Connections

Sharyn Alexander

The Celtic Journey

Rimkiene S., Ragazinskiene O., Savickiene N.

The Cumulation of Wild Pansy

One Spirit

Deities Correspondences

Can't find the website owner

Divination by Tea Leaves


Earthy Witch

Britannica Group Inc

Encyclopedia Britannica

Alexandra Chauran

Faeries & Elementals for Beginners

Thor Sturluson, Dr. Surya Bhagwati, Dr. Brent Wells, Dr. Anthony Odney, and Amy Reeves

The Herbal Resource


The High Courts of Faerie

Susun Weed

How to Make Infusions

Various Writers

Learn Religions

Mythopedia Staff


Sam Silver

Nordic Wiccan

Daniel McCoy

Norse Mythology for Smart People

Occult World

Occult World

Ellie Crystal

Runic Magic and Divination

Daniela Masaro and Sacred Earth Journeys

Sacred Earth Journeys

Morgana Magick Spell

Sacred Wicca


The White Goddess


Wikipedia List of Deities

Can't find the Account Holders User Tag

Witches Path

Otherworldly Oracle

Witches Runes

El Segundo


Dawn Black



Zodiac Personality

(I know it's a bit sketchy, but this article was almost completely spot on with other zodiac books and sites I've read.)


The 13th Zodiac Sign

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